Give the Gift of a Tree

Tis the season for gift giving, and whether your just starting or wrapping up your Christmas shopping McKinley & Associates wants you to consider giving a tree.

Why is tree-giving a good idea?

  1. They’re Inexpensive

Unlike pets, trees are relatively easy and inexpensive to take care of. The average cost of taking care of a tree is between $90 and $300 including trimming, treatment, and removal. You can purchase trees at Lowes for as little as $19 up to $200.

2. They Provide Beauty 

The right tree can provide a wealth of beauty to your property or that of a loved one. It enhances views, provides shade, and often increases property value.

  1. It’s a Fun Activity

Unlike other gifts, when you give the gift of a tree it’s an opportunity for a group activity. You and your friends or family can get together to plant the tree together.

  1. Teaches a Valuable Lesson

Whether it’s a gift for a child, teen or adult, taking care of trees teaches people to appreciate nature, care for the environment, and how to take care of living things.

  1. Provides Satisfaction

The recipient of your gift will get the satisfaction of seeing the tree they planted grow over the years from a sapling into a beautiful tree. You’ll get the satisfaction of seeing your gift be enjoyed for years to come.

Contact McKinley & Associates today to find out where you can purchase trees and how to care for them.