Expert Arborist Testimony

Our Testimony Can Make All The Difference

Wondering what legal problems could lead to the need for an arborist?  Legal cases regarding trees happen more often than you might think. 

McKinley & Associates provides clients with consulting and expert arborist witness testimony on tree and landscape legal issues. We help clients from initial legal filing through to discovery and trail. At McKinley & Associates we understand that litigation can be a stressful process, so we work hard to reduce anxiety by providing everything you need to provide a strong case. Our comprehensive analysis will address key issues, providing a concise and comprehensive testimony.

Our arborist’s backgrounds include several years of field experience in landscape maintenance, drainage and irrigation management, tree care and tree management, and tree and plant appraisal. Our arborists have degrees in arboriculture, and continue their education through certification programs, conference attendance, course completion, and hands-on training. It’s this dedication to learning, and years of field experience that make our expert witness testimony so strong.

We provide expert arborist witness testimony for:

  • Premises liability
  • Construction defect
  • Tresspassing
  • Inverse condemnation
  • Negligence
  • Tree roots
  • Eminent domain
  • Tree nuisance cases

What actions lead to the presence of an arborist in a courtroom?  There are actually many situations where an arborist can help determine the outcome of a court case.

McKinley & Associates makes home and office visits to complete detailed plant and tree reports that help with litigation.  Many factors go into assessing damages like the age, health, and species of the tree.  In order to win a case, and receive a higher settlement lawyers will often use McKinley Arborists to testify about their findings.

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William McKinley has over 33 years of experience in managing parks and general government facility landscape maintenance. He has over 20 years of experience working in municipal tree protection and code enforcement. McKinley & Associates has an outstanding reputation in the legal community.