Tree Care

What Does an Arborist Do? 

That’s a question we hear a lot at McKinley & Associates.  An arborist can help with any problems you’re experiencing with anything green you grow on your property!  Whether it’s a pruning issue with a tree or a damaged tree that needs removal, William McKinley can help asses the situation and provide a solution that fits within your financial means.

At McKinley Arborists we understand that budgetary constraints, and rough economic times make taking care of trees and/or plants difficult. That’s why we offer affordable, economic solutions for customers on a budget. Whether it’s diagnosing disease, or finding issues with your irrigation system, you can save thousands of dollars by hiring the right arborist.

The right trees and plants often increase the market value of your home, meaning that you can sell your home for much more than the purchase price.  Many buyers take landscaping into consideration when purchasing a home, making it all the more important. In addition to the financial gains you stand to receive, trees offer the comfort of shade during hot summer months, visual appeal, and even fruit in some cases.  On the other hand, ignoring the trees on your property can lead to depreciating value.

As a certified arborist, William McKinley can help with pruning issues, tree removal, emergency tree care, planting, plant health and care, fertilization, infestation, and much more.  As a tree doctor, William McKinley can take soil samples and tree samples to diagnose any tree disease.  As an expert witness, William McKinley can provide expert testimony on your behalf which could win you thousands of dollars in court.  William McKinley has worked closely with many attorneys on behalf of their clients to win settlements for damages.

An arborist can cure your ailing tree, help beautify your home, and protect your loved ones.  There are many factors that may lead a tree to fall over, damaging property or even worse harming your loved ones.  Diagnose your tree early, and protect your assets.

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