Spring is Here: Top 10 Flowering Trees

Spring is Here: Top 10 Flowering Trees

Discover the World’s Most Beautiful Flowering Trees

For some reason this Spring is more beautiful to me than any I can remember.  It seems as though the flowers are in full bloom every where I look.  One of the most beautiful things about spring is that trees everywhere are flowering.  I see beautiful pinks and purples where I would normally see green and brown.

The natural beauty of Spring inspired me to create a blog series on the season.  Each week this Spring I will feature a blog about a different flowering tree.  I will introduce you to these lovely trees, and provide you with vital information on these beauties in case you would like to plant one of your own.

Today’s blog will serve as a brief introduction to the top 10 flowering trees as rated by Birds & Blooms.  I will provide additional information on these breathtaking trees as we continue into Spring.  Without further ado here they are:



Crape Myrtle

Red Bud Tree


Horse Chestnut Tree

Golden Train Tree

Fringe Tree

Dogwood Tree

Empress Tree

Crab Apple Tree

Cherry Tree