Tree Services: Summer Tree Care Nightmares

We enjoyed a beautiful spring this year, and hope you did as well!  As we head into the hot, humid, and sticky summer months we here at McKinley Arborists know how tricky it can be to protect your plant-life against the perils of summer.  Keep an eye out for these summer tree care nightmares, and call McKinley Arborists for help.

Top Three Summer Tree Care Nightmares

1) Planting a tree during summer months

It may seem like common sense, but many homeowners make the mistake of planting treesduring summer months.  The summer months are dry, making it difficult for trees to get enough water.  During the summer months trees are constantly losing water to the atmosphere. Water is evaporating from the ground, and the soil doesn’t retain enough moisture.  Even if you have had a very wet spring, you must water your trees often in the summer, especially as they grow and develop.  While most arborists will advise that you plant in the fall or spring months, you may plant your trees in the summer if you water often.  If you have planted your trees during the summer call McKinley Arborists for a consultation.  We can advise you on how much water your new tree actually needs.

2) Hurricane Season is approaching 

If you live in areas affected by hurricanes, protecting your trees is very important.  By calling an arborist to evaluate your trees before a storm hits you can ensure your families safety.  An arborist can look for diseases or tree weaknesses that could cause them to topple over or break during a storm.  Contact McKinley Arborists for a consultation before the next storm hits.  Check out our list of tree services here.

3) Stressed Trees

It may seem funny to think that your tree is stressed out, but the harsh reality is that stress has just as negative effect on your trees as it does on you.  A stressed tree is much more susceptible to disease and/or insect infestation.  How does a tree become stressed?  If a tree becomes severely dehydrated it can become stressed.  This opens up your tree to a whole slew of deadly diseases and problematic parasites.  During summer months make sure that you are watering your trees once or twice each week.  Your trees should have 1 to 3 inches of water per week to stay healthy.  Contact McKinley Arborists for a tree watering consultation before you leave your plant life dehydrated.

Contact us today! We are here to help with all of your tree care needs.