Tree Services: Tree Care Tips

Tree Services: Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips for the New Tree Owner

Tree care begins from the moment you decide to purchase a sapling.  Before deciding which type of tree to purchase gather as much information about your environment as you can.  Study the soil, find out if the location gets lots or little sunlight.  Trees are similar to children in that the way you care for them during their early years effects how they grow later in life.

Here are a few tree care tips:

1)      Pick the right tree.

Consider your objective for the tree.  Is this tree’s purpose to provide shade? Are you using this tree to provide privacy?  If you’re going to plant a large tree, make sure it’s not in the way of power lines.  Placing a tree in the southern side of your home can block warming sunlight, and placing it to the north can leave it open to chilling winter winds.  If you have utility poles on your property, shorter flowering trees are a better choice.  While larger trees should be positioned in the southeast, southwest, or west area of your property will provide shade in the summer, and won’t block out the sun during the winter.

2)      Make sure the tree is healthy.

The way a sapling is taken care of prior to you purchasing it is important.  Check the roots of the tree.  Are they fiberous?  Are there numerous small roots?  Are the roots moist?  The roots should be kept in a firm soil ball with the trunk tied securely.  If the ball is broken, do not purchase the sapling.  Carry your new tree by the soil ball, not by stems or branches.  You want to avoid circling roots, so do not purchase a sapling that has been placed in a tight container.

3)      Plant your tree correctly.

Contact us today for help planting your trees correctly.

4)      Be careful when pruning.

Never cut more than 1/4th of your trees crown.  Keep pruning tools sharp.  Do not prune up from the bottom.

5)      Identify pest and disease problems early.

McKinley & Associates can help you identify your pest or disease problem, and provide you with everything you need to heal or remove your tree.  Contact us today!