Tree Safety: Downed Power Lines

It’s raining hard in California, and while we desperately need the water, harsh storms often damage property and cause a variety of issues for home owners. High winds and torrential downpours cause mudslides and topple trees. Downed power lines often occur when cables get stuck in thick tree branches as trees fall over from moist soil, lose roots, and/or high winds.

Downed power lines cause power outages, but can also lead to death. Electrocution is a leading cause of death during hurricanes and harsh storms. Fortunately, electrocution is avoidable as long as you practice storm safety. If you see a downed, or low hanging power line, you should stay clear and call your electric company immediately. Do not attempt to fix the power line, or go near the power line for any reason. If a tree on your property has caused the downed power line, do not go near or attempt to move the tree.

If a power line falls on top of your car while you are inside of the vehicle. Do not attempt to leave the vehicle. It is safer to stay inside the vehicle and phone for help. If a power line falls on top of your car while in your driveway, do not attempt to enter, touch or go near the vehicle until a professional has cleared the area.

At McKinley & Associates our arborists can help prepare your property for a storm. Before or during storm season, our trained professionals will survey your home, and inspect for any red flags. We will inspect your property looking for signs like loose roots, heavy branches (in need of pruning), and other dangers. Once a report is created, we will work with you to remedy the issues and protect your home and family from storm dangers.

Call McKinley & Associates today for a consultation and keep your family safe!