Winter Tree Care: Plant Ice Resistant Trees

If you are planning on planting trees this winter or this year, take time to consider the type of tree you will plant.  Not all trees are created equal.  Some can handle the heat, while others can take a beating from a winter storm and survive.  Consider your climate in order to make the best decision.  Americans living in the northeast and north midwest are learning this lesson right now as they battle one of the harshest winters we have faced.

The Tree Care Industry Association recently posted:

“There are a number of growth features that increase a tree species’ susceptibility to breakage in ice storms,” says Tchukki Andersen, TCIA’s staff arborist. “Among them are: included bark, decaying or dead branches, increased surface area of lateral (side) branches, broad crowns or imbalanced crowns, and fine branch size.”

If you live in a climate prone to harsh winters consider planting these trees:


American Elm, American Linden, Black Cherry, Black Locust, Bradford Pear, Common Hackberry, Green Ash, Honey Locust, Pin Oak, Siberian Elm, Silver Maple.

Intermediate Resistance:

Bur Oak, Eastern White Pine, Northern Red Oak, Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Sycamore, Tuliptree, White Ash


American Sweetgum, Black Walnut, Blue Beech, Catalpa, Ginkgo, Ironwood, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Norway Maple Silver Linden, Swamp White Oak, White Oak

Be safe this winter! As always if you have tree care needs in California contact McKinley Arborists. We’re here for your tree care needs.